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Saviynt is a popular cloud-based Access Governance solution which partners and integrates with industry leading infrastructure, applications and framework technology providers. Their platform provides advanced usage & risk analytics with fine-grained privilege management. We can help you implement Saviynt and secure critical assets such as SAP, Office 365, AWS, Azure,, and Workday.

⦿  Help you understand the Saviynt ecosystem
⦿  Create an IAM/Saviynt strategy & roadmap
⦿  Implement and support Saviynt purchases
⦿  Discover untapped abilities of your existing Saviynt implementations
⦿  Explore Microsoft, SAP, and other integration opportunities
⦿  Saviynt platform for PAM?
⦿  Identify gaps that need attention

Saviynt & IAM Essentials

Learn about Saviynt and the IAM ecosystem, which solutions might fit your needs best, and how to maximize previous Saviynt purchases. The essentials of a successful IAM program will also be covered.

Saviynt zero trust cloud

 Implement New or Migrate On-Prem Solutions to the Saviynt Cloud

It’s not always easy for organizations to determine which Saviynt capabilities, integrations and services fit their needs. We’ll give tool-agnostic advice to help you make the right decisions.

Maximize your existing Saviynt investments

Narrow initial use case, ineffective implementations by companies unfamiliar with IAM, and new demands can can cause unnecessarily low ROI. We can help you avoid shelfware and maximize your Saviynt investments.

Ensure Frictionless Access Requests

Because Saviynt bundles access into roles and profiles along with providing access recommendations, it can be used to create a frictionless request process.

Manage Certification and Compliance Risk

We can implement Saviynt’s intelligent certification, reducing the digital fatigue of repetitive reviews and too much data that leads to “rubber stamping.”

Sav Automated Provisioning

Automate Real-Time Provisioning

As lifecycle events occur, Saviynt can propagates the appropriate access across the ecosystem to ensure access is current and adheres to the principle of least privilege.

Integrate ServiceNow with Saviynt to create single, cloud-based solution

Many organizations that use ServiceNow have created workflows and forms to support onboarding/offboarding.  They can struggle to securely manage this process as requests for application access require information that should be stored in an IGA solution (like access rules and user roles).

We can help you integrate Saviynt with ServiceNow, creating a single, cloud-based solution that will automate critical workflows and add the needed layer of governance and visibility. 

⦿  Implement custom use cases not covered by the standard application integration
⦿  Cross-application real-time provisioning and governance
⦿  Customizable access to digital assets
⦿  Integrated risk analysis and Segregation of Duty (SoD) in workflow
⦿  Certification with intelligent analytics
⦿  Integrate custom ServiceNow Forms/Workflows via Saviynt REST API’s to provision birthright access to business critical workforce
⦿  Integrate custom ServiceNow Forms/Workflows to provision birthright access to business critical workforce
⦿  Role mining and definition to submit for provisioning
⦿  Map functional roles to core application and entitlements for provisioning of the access

Integral Partners Helps Informatica Bridge ServiceNow & IGA with Saviynt

In this webinar, Informatica and Integral partners discuss how they integrated Saviynt’s Identity Governance solution with ServiceNow to create a holistic, consistent experience for employees requesting resources, both physical and digital.

Build a robust Identity program by adding Saviynt to your Microsoft solutions

Paired together, Saviynt and Microsoft can deliver a robust Identity, Security, and Access Management solution. Microsoft solutions are the backbone of many organizations – from business operations, digital, federation, and infrastructure.

We can help you use Saviynt to enhance the wealth of security and governance capabilities Microsoft provides. 

 ⦿  Bring Saviynt governance to Microsoft Teams
 ⦿  Bring enhanced risk visibility to Azure Active Directory
 ⦿  Enhance Office 365 and Sharepoint governance
 ⦿  Maintain regulatory compliance around Microsoft Dynamics and Great Plains


Building a single system of record for non-employee identities

During the webinar, John Kaveski, Program Manager, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure at Laitram Corporation, and Kevin Bender, Cybersecurity consultant at Integral Partners discuss the risks and potential misuse of access, data breaches from poorly managing non-employee identities, and best practices.

Discover how Laitram changed their unstructured process for managing non-employee identities into a standardized single system of record, gained efficiency, and lowered risk.

Explore how Saviynt’s IGA solution helped Laitram prevent typical certification “rubber-stamping” for non-employee access to critical business systems.

Ensure non-employee accounts are never left unaccounted or unmanaged using account sponsorship.

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Saviynt IGA

Integral Partners & Saviynt Featured Content

Building the Future of Higher Education with Saviynt One Identity for Life

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Building the Future of Higher Education with Saviynt One Identity for Life

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Building the Future of Higher Education with Saviynt One Identity for Life

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Saviynt’s cloud-native Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) platform protects your most sensitive information and increases your organizational efficiency and agility by ensuring that the right people have the right access to the right resources for only the right amount of time.

Cloud Privileged Access Management

Security risks are everywhere, especially with the break-neck pace of cloud adoption. But that shouldn’t slow your organization. With Saviynt, you can move fast without adding unnecessary risk. Our revolutionary cloud-architected PAM solution secures privileged access and protects critical assets.


Saviynt’s Application Access Governance (AAG) solution reduces your risk and complexity through broad and deep access visibility coupled with the industry’s most complete set of out-of-the-box compliance controls. We give you the continuous assurance of security necessary to manage your mission-critical business applications.


Saviynt’s Data Access Governance (DAG) helps you discover, analyze, protect, and manage access to all of your data, structured or unstructured, regardless of whether your IT ecosystem is on-premises, hybrid, or cloud-based.


Saviynt’s Identity Risk Exchange provides real-time visibility into user access and cloud security that enhances organizations’ data-driven security monitoring initiatives.

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