CIEM – Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management Services

Develop a strategy to manage identities in your cloud infrastructure and ensure that this often missed population has technical controls and monitoring in place to reduce risk and improve operations.

We can help you understand CIEM, scan your environment, build a strategy, then monitor and secure your cloud infrastructure

The unique nature of how identities, policies, and access rights are stored in the cloud requires a purpose-built strategy to manage and administer them. It’s critical that your strategy uses the right CIEM tools to look at deep patterns of entitlements, inherited rights, and specific entitlements within cloud systems to find patterns of authorizations for users that cannot be discovered simply by human monitoring.

We can provide guidance on how to effectively implement CIEM. This can include determining the best vendor to work with for your environment, establishing a plan to implement a CIEM platform, and assisting with the deployment and rollout of CIEM.

⦿  Remove excessive privileges: Following least privilege best practice, ensure that identities in the cloud are given what they need for their work, and nothing more.
⦿  Detect complex access pattern: Using purpose-built software for cloud identity, scan the environment for patterns of entitlements that could lead to unnecessary exposure and risk.
⦿  Remediate immediately upon discovery of risk: Implementing the tools to take advantage of built-in capabilities to remediate risky or policy-breaking access within the tool.
⦿   Integrate with other Identity platforms: Weave CIEM into the overall IAM strategy and show how it can integrate with other IAM solutions to provide even more robust capabilities.
⦿   Follows Zero Trust best practice: Managing access to least privilege, monitor for access risks, and share that data within the context of IAM systems.

Leading CIEM Solution

While many vendors in the IAM space have built CIEM tools, many of them lack some of the core features that should be provided with this type of solution. Integral Partners has worked with many of these vendors to understand their products, what they can and can’t do, and determine whether they fit the needs of clients in this area.

Our chosen vendor for partnership is Sonrai Security. Sonrai has an industry-leading solution that comprehensively covers CIEM in a way that is easy to manage, and easy to integrate with other IAM or security systems.


Enforce Least Privilege in the Cloud

Monitor and secure all Identities in the Cloud

Identity in the cloud is represented and managed in a fundamentally different way than on-premise directories such as AD. Storing entitlements within code can mean that an identity inherits rights that are not understood simply by looking at the core IAM management module in cloud environments. CIEM can help you monitor all identities in the cloud, and constantly monitor to ensure that even these complex patterns are scanned for risk and remediation.


Fast Remediation of Discovered Risk

 Quickly fix access risks and stay secure

Capable CIEM tools not only discover risk and access that may break policy, they also have built-in functions to remediate what is found, which can be down to the level of providing custom shell commands to make the change in the cloud environment directly. This ensures that not only can you quickly find problematic access, but also remediate it quickly to close the risk represented by the access.


Make CIEM part of your ‘Identity Fabric’

Integral can help you build an Identity Fabric that includes CIEM

Many organizations have tools in place to manage parts of IAM, such as IGA, PAM, and Access Management solutions. However, they are siloed solutions that may have minor integrations for syncing and other tasks. Identity Fabric recognizes that current and future risks will require the capabilities of multiple IAM tools working in concert to discover and help resolve. This idea of an Identity Fabric, where the IAM systems are deeply integrated, leads to an environment that is ready and able to tackle any future IAM demand.

Webinar Replay:
Maturing Your Identity Fabric

Topics included in this webinar include defining an Identity Fabric, including the capabilities and benefits.


A Zero Trust Core Component

CIEM now needs to be part of your IAM strategy 

Along with IGA, PAM, and Access Management, CIEM is a core component of IAM, and needs to be part of the overall IAM stack within an organization. This enforces a number of Zero Trust tenets, such as continuous monitoring of access, enforcement of least privilege, and deep pattern recognition of access that poses unacceptable risk.

Why Integral Partners can help with Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management

Integral Partners was early to understand the gap in cloud IAM, and started exploring and engaging vendors to see what is supported. Due to that ‘head start’ we are experienced with implementing and running CIEM solutions.

We understand the vendors in the market, what they are capable of, and can help match the best vendor to your environment. In addition, we support the implementation and managed support of CIEM solutions.

  • We’re trusted partners with all leading vendors but tool-agnostic
  • We have over 20 years of experience with Identity Security
  • We can help – from strategy, evaluation, implementation and support

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