IAM Services for Higher Education

Leverage our experience in addressing the unique challenges and requirements that higher education institutions place on their IAM programs.

We’re experts at solving the unique IAM challenges of Higher Education

We excel in helping identify and address the unique Identity and Access Management challenges that higher education institutions present to their IAM programs. Whether it is mapping the identity lifecycle of the student journey or understanding the special relationship between faculty and students and its impact on the online experience, members of our staff have “hands on” experience with the challenges you are experiencing.

⦿  Identify weaknesses and develop an IAM strategy
⦿  Strategic systems migration support
⦿  Replace open-sourced legacy tools with modern solutions
⦿  CIAM solutions that treat students as “customers”
⦿  Support regulatory compliance initiatives (FERPA, HIPAA, SEVIS, etc.)
⦿  Help managing non-workforce relationships (affiliates, vendors, etc.)


IAM Services Transformation

Replace legacy and home-grown systems with modern IAM solutions

Higher Education has a long history of developing and supporting open-source tools that fit their unique needs. While this was forward-thinking at the time, these legacy tools now don’t provide the security and flexibility needed for today’s Identity security demands – to say nothing about the difficulty and cost associated with managing them.  Because of this, Higher Education institutions are looking at highly capable commercial software to solve for their needs. Understanding what tools can and cannot do, and how they fit into the overall puzzle, is key to developing a strategic plan to move forward.

Integral Partners can help you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the tools you have and recommend replacement options.  The tools we have experience replacing with modern IAM solutions include:

⦿  SSO: Shibboleth, CAS, InCommon Federation
⦿  IGA: Oracle Waveset/Sun Identity Manager, Oracle Identity Manager, MIM/FIM
⦿  Custom “Home-grown” systems
⦿  Directory Services: OpenDS, Sun Directory Server, etc.


Strategic Systems Migration

We can help plan, implement, and support your strategic projects 

Understanding the impact of strategic platform transformation on your IAM practices is essential in ensuring both the success of your Identity and Access management program and the transformation that is being implemented within your institution. These strategic projects are often quite complex, and involve the significant resources, require coordination among multiple entities, and are highly visible. They have a direct impact on the school’s ability to meet their strategic goals.

Integral Partners has extensive experience in helping higher education organizations support these transformational projects.

⦿  SIS Migrations: Banner Student, etc.
⦿  HCM Transformation: PeopleSoft/Oracle Fusion, Banner HRM, Workday, etc.
⦿  Advancement/CRM: Salesforce, Banner Advancement
⦿  Learning Management Systems (LMS): Blackboard, Canvas, Brightspace
⦿  ITSM: ServiceNow, Cherwell, etc.


CIAM for Higher-Ed

Design an experience that meets today’s expectation

Modern IAM in higher education is trending towards providing a “customer-like” experience.  Today’s students expect the same high-level user experience that they’ve come to expect with other digital relationships.  Although higher education is challenged with designing IAM around the complex nature of their affiliated community members, best practices and solutions can help deliver on this user experience. 

Integral Partners can help you understand how IAM can be architected to meet students needs and deliver on the customer experience they’ve come to expect.

⦿  Treat students as “customers”
⦿  Properly support the online experience of alumni to maintain that unique relationship
⦿  Supporting research securely whether it is internally or across institutions
⦿  Identity is the initial impression of your online experience
⦿  Supporting global populations
⦿  Address the unique experiences of workforce and student journeys without impacting the collaborative relationship


IAM Advisory Services

Our experts will help you understand your needs and develop plan to meet them 

The single biggest predictor of IAM success is having a well thought out plan that has been socialized, vetted, and follows best practice. An IAM Advisory project meets you where you are, and determines how IAM is accomplished today so that a future state can be built to improve the administration and governance of identities and access. In addition, these processes and tools support the initiatives that will drive an improved user experience and manage use cases such as non-workforce vendors and affiliates.

⦿  Start-up or refresh your IAM Program
⦿  Focus on mission practices, challenges, and technologies
⦿  Identify what is working and the unforeseen challenges
⦿  Transition from being reactionary to visionary
⦿  Support regulatory compliance initiatives (FERPA, HIPAA, SEVIS, etc.)
⦿  Understand why AD is not an IGA system
⦿  Privileged Access strategies (Do not trust the trusted!)
⦿  Integrating IAM services with existing/planned ITSM initiatives
⦿  Managing non-workforce relationships (affiliates, vendors, etc.)

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