Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) Services

Govern access, identify risk, evaluate regulatory compliance, and ensure users have the right access throughout their lifecycle.

Manage and Govern Access to Boost Productivity, Security and Regulatory Compliance Across Your Organization

Organizations these days are challenged with managing and governing user access for people or ‘carbon’ identities (employees, contractors, partners, etc.) and non-person or ‘silicon’ identities (service, bots, etc) across networks, data, and applications—all while keeping up with major business challenges including reorganizations, mergers/acquisitions, cybersecurity threats, and regulatory compliance. Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solutions are, therefore, a fundamental part of any company’s strategic Identity & Access Management (IAM) program, and deliver many critical capabilities, including:

⦿  Role-based access controls
⦿  Automated account and access provisioning and de-provisioning
⦿  Automated user access approval and certification workflows
⦿  Centralized identity governance
⦿  Integration with enterprise GRC architecture
⦿  Integration with Privilege Account Management (PAM)
⦿  Lifecycle management and governance of ‘silicon’ user access (e.g. service accounts)

Our IGA services and solutions enable IT security managers, auditors, and business owners to govern access and evaluate regulatory compliance across the organization. We’ll ensure users have the right access throughout their lifecycle, while providing better visibility and identifying your greatest areas of risk. We take a real-world, multi-phased approach to IGA that ensures we prioritize your IT security and compliance demands and integrate systems and processes with your existing infrastructure. Our focused scope quickly delivers business benefits and improvements, helping you maintain executive support from day one.

Identity Lifecycle Management

Improve how you operate before you automate 

Securing, streamlining, then automating identity lifecycle processes, from onboarding to termination, is a critical way to safeguard your organization while boosting productivity. We can help you maximize your IGA solution’s efficacy and ease of use, including a multi-platform or hybrid solution (like SailPoint and Okta) that combines access management and IGA.

Access Request & Approval Service

The right access approved by the right people in less time

Few processes introduce more security/regulatory risk and are more time-consuming and frustrating than obtaining additional system access to fulfill special assignments and/or new job duties. A well-designed, SoD-aware, business-friendly access request and approval service capably addresses both problems to enable significantly greater workforce efficiency and productivity, while reducing security and regulatory violation risks.

Access Governance

Enable controls for who has regulated access to what, and when

A strong access governance model gives organizations a predictable, centralized way to enforce regulatory controls through role-based access provisioning and periodic access certifications, and to streamline regulatory audit evidence reporting. It’s key for adhering to government regulations like GDPR, SOX, FINRA, and HIPAA, and Integral Partners brings the depth of experience and professionalism required to ensure the best access governance solution is configured for and adopted by your organization.

IGA + PAM Integration

Include privileged access in your governance model

If you’re managing PAM independent of your access governance solution, you won’t have complete visibility of your organization’s high-risk access. This can cause dangerous access combinations or oversights that ultimately result in unnecessary security and compliance risks. For this reason, it makes sense to prioritize inclusion of privileged access in your governance model by integrating your PAM and IGA solutions.  You can learn more about our CyberArk and SailPoint platform integration service here.

Strategic IGA Services

Featured  Platforms

SailPoint’s identity security solution couples access management with identity security, ensuring workers have the right access to do their job.

Saviynt is an innovative leader in providing application, data and infrastructure access governance and intelligence platform for Cloud and Enterprise.

SecZetta’s Third Party Identity Management Software is an easy-to-administer solution to manage the full lifecycle of non-employee relationships.

Identity Governance and Administration

Free IGA Essentials Workshops

Customized IGA workshop – tailored to fit your areas of interest

Organizations often don’t know where to start when it comes to IGA, and IAM in general. This free workshop is designed to break down each of the key processes, concepts and tools that make up Identity Governance and Administration, and how IGA fits into the larger IAM ecosystem. It will also cover what an IGA roadmap looks like and what it takes to build one. Whether you’re just starting to build your identity program, or have one that might need a refresh, this workshop is a great place to start.

⦿  IGA best practices
⦿  Learn how to identify gaps that need attention
⦿  Top platforms in the IGA space
⦿  IGA vs Access Management
⦿  How can IGA + AI help your organization?

SailPoint vs Saviynt Comparison

Identity Governance and Administration

IGA Vendor Selection

Expert (tool agnostic) insight to help you choose the right IGA platform for your needs

The leading IGA platforms all have their own strengths and weakness, which aren’t always easy to identify.  We have deep expertise with all the leading IGA platforms and can help you discern and delineate the specific capabilities that your organization needs from the long list of capabilities provided in the product brief. 

Whether you’re at the very beginning of a vendor selection process or deep in weeds, we can evaluate your existing requirements, budget and artifacts and provide detailed recommendations based on your business objectives.  This will maximize the quality of vendor responses.  We can also provide detailed evaluations and recommendations based on your requirements and objectives.    

⦿  Analysis and prioritization of use cases and objectives
⦿  Ranking of vendor capabilities vs your needs
⦿  Clearly identify high level scope and capabilities matched by vendor
⦿  Evaluate integration opportunities and complexity
⦿  Validate the scope of vendor demos
⦿  Vendor budget projections, including product/implementation services

It’s hard to make the right decision when your only sources of information are the vendors. We can provide unbiased recommendations and help you separate fact from fiction.

Identity Governance and Administration

Role-based Access Control (RBAC) Planning and Implementation

Make role-based access control a reality for your organization

Even if you have a full-featured IGA solution in place today, implementing a comprehensive RBAC solution will solve persistent and thorny access-related business challenges and take your IAM program to a higher level of professionalism. For instance, with well-defined and governed roles (enterprise, business, technical, and bespoke roles) it becomes possible to eliminate access certification fatigue, reduce need for and simplify individual ad hoc access requests, all but eliminate the headache of mitigating SoD violations, and further ease the burden of internal and external audit reporting. Integral Partners provides the experience, expertise, and best practices to help you build an effective RBAC operation within your IAM program through proper and practical role definition, role governance, and role lifecycle management.

⦿  Top-Down & Bottom-up methodology for initial Role Definition
⦿  Intelligent and automated approach to ongoing role definition and management of the full role lifecycle.
⦿  Automated role membership management
⦿  Streamlined periodic certification of both role membership and access composition
⦿  GRC-integrated solution to properly manage and avoid toxic SoD access combinations

Identity Governance and Administration

Efficiency and Improved Compliance

Understanding your primary business drivers is key to setting your IGA roadmap

The combination of manually intensive processes and outdated or deficient tools in the IGA space can be extremely painful and costly to your business.  Where these exist, your internal users are often frustrated with their experience in getting or changing the access to systems they need to do their job, usually because it is too cumbersome, inconsistent, or takes too long.  Compliance failures are also usually more prevalent where there is a dependency on heavily manual processes related to provisioning and certifying access. 

A roadmap with a priority on mitigating actual audit findings may look a little different than one with a focus on improved IAM efficiencies and an improved user experience.  Let us help you prioritize your IGA improvements roadmap to meet the needs that are most pressing for your organization.

Identity Governance and Administration

AI and Machine Learning Analysis & Implementation

Help remove the complexity and reduce risk from identity and governance

Introducing AI and Machine Learning (AI/ML) into your IGA solution landscape can pay huge dividends by enabling smart automation and producing meaningful actionable data.  Access requests, approvals, access reviews, role modeling and maintenance all become more efficient with a proper AI/ML solution integration. The hours consumed by governance of these processes are slashed. Risk to your identity and access landscape is reduced.  Regulatory compliance is simplified and improved.

However, AI solutions need the right configuration, analyzing the correct data, to produce these results.  Integral Partners has the experience, technical expertise, and established best practices to implement and configure an AI/ML solution that truly benefits your IAM program.

⦿  Proactively recommend the needed access for your end-users
⦿  Employ risk assessed Access Request to facilitate approval decision making
⦿  Reduce the massive overhead required for Role governance and maintenance
⦿  Enable smart Access Review recommendations
⦿  Build AI/ML generated Audit and Compliance dashboards 

Case Study:
Reducing “Certification Fatigue” at PG&E with AI

Managers at Pacific Gas and Electric were struggling with the quarterly process of certifying 70,000 roles and entitlements for the company’s 24,000 employees. Learn how Integral Partners implemented AI and the huge impact it made.

Identity Governance and Administration

SailPoint IIQ / IDN Migration or Hybrid Environment Assistance

Combine the benefits of SailPoint’s SaaS platform with your IIQ implementation, or migrate fully to IdentityNow 

As SailPoint continues to offer new capabilities exclusive to their IdentityNow SaaS platform (like AI and Cloud Access Management),  hybrid scenarios of IDN and their on-premise platform Identity IQ are becoming increasingly common.  By pairing the two platforms, either on-prem or hosted in the cloud, organizations can reap the benefits of these new features. Password Management (end-user PW resets) through IDN paired with IIQ is one example of a Hybrid option that can allow end-users capabilities to reset their PW through the cloud if they are locked out of getting access to the network where IIQ resides.

Wholesale migrations from existing IIQ to IDN are not yet the norm, but there are scenarios where this kind of a transition is both viable and a good value proposition. We can evaluate the level of effort and value of a potential Hybrid solution or SaaS migration by analyzing the complexity of your current IGA requirements and processes against the capabilities and viability of a SaaS solution.

⦿  Learn whether on-prem IIQ and/or SaaS IdentityNow fits best with your IAM Program strategy
⦿  Augment your IIQ implementation with new IdentityNow and other SaaS IGA capabilities
⦿  Create an effective migration strategy/plan from on-prem IGA (IIQ or other IGA solutions) to IdentityNow

Identity Governance and Administration

Managing 3rd-Party/Non-Employee Identities

Non-employee management solution based on risk and complexity

All organizations are challenged with how best to securely manage lifecycle and govern access for non-employee users. Do it wrong and the risk of severe financial and brand consequences can be high. But how sophisticated does a solution for your organization need to be in order to properly address the risk? The answer depends on several variables including user types (contractors, partners, suppliers, vendors), the risk-level of the access each type requires, and of course scale.

Integral Partners has broad and deep experience helping enterprises evaluate risk, analyze requirements and use cases, and successfully implement the non-employee management solution that’s best suited to their needs.

⦿  Assess risk introduced by the non-employee population
⦿  Analysis and prioritization of non-employee lifecycle use cases
⦿  New identity registration
⦿  Expiration date management and enforcement
⦿  Periodic Identity Attestation
⦿  Non-Employee authoritative Source configuration and integration with IGA solution
⦿  Definition and configuration of non-employee roles and access policies in IGA solution


Getting Guest Identity Right at Laitram

Discover how Laitram changed their unstructured process for managing non-employee identities into a standardized single system of record, gained efficiency, and lowered risk using Saviynt’s IGA solution.


Creating Fail-Safe Compliance For Energy Utility ISO New England

ISO New England is one of nine energy sector Independent System Operators in North America. Because it falls under the jurisdiction of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and is classified as a public utility, it must adhere to stringent government compliance requirements.

They were having trouble identifying an identity governance platform that was both affordable and met its needs for providing the right access, to the right people, at the right time. Compliance concerns had driven them to rely on in-house solutions for access governance and administration, rather than off-the-shelf tools. Learn how Integral Partners helped them implement a full featured replacement to their legacy solutions. We also helped ISO New England with privileged account management and access enforcement tooling, password management, NERC CIP compliance and more.

Learn More

Energy / Utilities


Strategy & Roadmap
Lifecycle Management
Access Governance

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