Identity Governance & Administration


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Organizations these days are challenged with tracking identity and access of employees, contractors, and partners across networks, data, and applications—all while keeping up with changing roles, mergers/acquisitions, and compliance regulations. Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solutions are a fundamental part of any company’s IAM program, and deliver many benefits:

  • Role-based access controls
  • Automated provisioning and de-provisioning 
  • Automated approval and certification workflows
  • Centralized identity governance
  • Integration with enterprise architecture 
  • Rapid application onboarding 

Our IGA services and solutions enable IT managers, auditors, and business owners to govern access and evaluate regulatory compliance across the organization. We’ll ensure users have the right access throughout their lifecycle, while providing better visibility and identifying your greatest areas of risk. We take a real-world, multi-phased approach to IGA that ensures we prioritize your IT security and compliance demands and integrate systems and processes with your existing infrastructure. Our focused scope quickly delivers business benefits and improvements, helping you maintain executive support from day one.

Identity Lifecycle Management

Improve how you operate before you automate

Securing the identity lifecycle, from onboarding to termination, is a critical way to safeguard your organization. To maximize your IGA system’s efficiency and ease of use, consider a multi-platform or hybrid solution (like SailPoint or okta) that combines access management, IGA, and single sign-on (SSO). Our experienced advisors can help you manage and integrate third parties—such as contractors, partners, and vendors—with your source HR systems. We specialize in complex IGA integrations by application (EPIC, Cerner, SAP, Oracle, Workday) and technology ecosystems (PAM, Seczetta), from the most popular applications to custom builds.

Access Request and Approval Workflow

The right access for the right people at the right time

Configuring access workflows that meet the business’ needs is an essential part of any IGA solution. Advanced, automated workflows can improve efficiency and productivity and reduce the risk of human error. Make faster decisions with user self-service delivery and automated end-to-end requests and approvals. Integral Partners helps companies set up seamless, trackable workflows based on best practices for access request processes. To coordinate IT’s responses and provide users with a seamless, self-serve experience, sync workflows with your HR source and applications like ServiceNow. Embedding IGA capabilities into ServiceNow, configurable as portals or through custom APIs, connects workflows across departments and systems.

Access Governance

Get visibility into who has access to what, and when

Have you codified your roles, policies, and approval processes around who gets access to what, and when? Are your user access certifications automated, on-demand, and reviewed on a timely basis? A strong access governance model gives organizations a predictable, centralized way to enforce policy, control role-based access, and streamline regulatory audit evidence reporting. It’s key for adhering to government regulations like GDPR, SOX, FINRA, and HIPAA, as well as for detecting policy violations and weak controls. Integral Partners provides companies with visibility into their current governance state and implements solutions that automate strong policies and processes. Our advisors can even help you extend identity governance to bot-based processes and IoT, so you’re exercising IGA controls for humans and non-humans alike.

Rapid Application Onboarding

Increase security with connected applications across your IT systems

Onboarding is a critical part of any IGA solution: the more of your applications you’ve connected, the more inclusive and consistent your governance will be. Yet onboarding often is either undervalued or allowed to explode into its own project. Rapid application onboarding is an increasingly popular choice for companies seeking an efficient, comprehensive method of integrating applications with their IGA system. Integral Partners’ experienced advisors bring speed, quality, and depth to your solution implementations. We mobilize our broad expertise to help you quickly bring multiple applications online. We use trusted tools and templates to help gather the right information, configure and build integrations, and thoroughly test systems prior for successful deployment.

Role Definition, Governance, and Provisioning

Make role-based access work for you

Most organizations struggle to define and implement roles that meet the needs of the business: it’s difficult to find the sweet spot between too much role proliferation (which increases complexity) and not enough (which hinders automation.) Implementing a comprehensive role model (enterprise, business, and technical roles) eliminates manual, time-consuming access provisioning, and provides a more streamlined, centralized way to define and govern roles and access. Integral Partners provides experience, expertise, and best practices for role definition, role governance, and role-based provisioning. We look at your organization from the top-down (roles defined by business owners) and the bottom-up (role mining existing access for patterns and standards) to suggest role definitions, along with lifecycle governance and provisioning processes that work best for your organization.

Identity Analytics

Make data-driven security decisions

Today’s IGA solutions let organizations gather data about their users’ activities and interactions over time and across systems. IGA systems capture data points like historical snapshots, audit histories, and access use, for compliance and auditing purposes. Mature organizations see identity analytics as an opportunity to find efficiencies, take their IAM strategy to the next level, and harness data to improve the business. We advise clients on what data to collect and how to implement it in reporting systems. We can also help you stand up SaaS solutions such as SailPoint AI that let you compare your own data against an industry dataset in the cloud, get AI-generated suggestions and best practices, and employ custom dashboards.