Privileged Access Management


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Privileged Access Management (PAM) helps ensure that only the users who need it (and only when they need it) have access to your organization’s most sensitive networks, systems, applications, and data. We’ve designed our PAM services and solutions to keep your organization safe from the risk of compliance violations, privacy breaches, and fraud, and eliminate the threat of compromised accounts. 

We apply decades of experience to help you customize an implementation to your architectural requirements, integrate a holistic methodology into your operations, and develop a framework for investment prioritization. Every one of our Privileged Access Management consultants is a certified CyberArk Delivery Engineer (CDE), highly qualified to deploy PAM products. We’ll give you the tools you need to centrally manage privileged access, including:

  • Lockdown credentials (passwords/SSH keys)
  • Session isolation, control, and recording
  • Monitoring of privileged account usage
  • Integration with your security analytics and IGA solutions
  • Comprehensive user training and world-class support

PAM Maturity and Strategy

Make PAM work for you, now and in the future

Many organizations aspire to implement a PAM solution, such as CyberArk, and be done. But PAM is a continuum that starts with a solution and matures to include onboarding, managed service accounts, DevOps, secrets, workflows, and an evolving strategy for people and scope. Our advisors look at where you are today and put together a phased strategy and roadmap that aligns with your organization’s goals for where you want to be tomorrow. We “teach you to fish,” so you’re building good processes around onboarding and growth. And we ensure that you’re getting the most from your existing PAM solution by identifying operational and process efficiencies.

Privileged Health Check

Assess and improve the health of your PAM system

Is your PAM system working the way you think it is—or the way it should? Find out, so that you can correct errors and increase operational safety and efficiency. We’ll do a complete scan of your network to give you visibility into your privileged credentials, missing accounts, and potential vulnerabilities. We’ll work with you to evaluate your current configuration and architecture, and provide feedback for improvement. We’ll look at your safe structure, review your account onboarding, and make recommendations on upgrading vs. rebuilding. We’ll also help you develop a roadmap that balances effort levels against capabilities, and provides a phased approach mapped to risk reduction benefits.

PAM Architecture and Deployment

Deploy and operate with confidence

Whether you’ve purchased a solution like CyberArk and want to ensure it’s properly deployed, or you can’t decide which modules you need to maximize the product’s value, we can help. From designing an RFP to architecting the solution, our experts know how to effectively gather requirements, select the right add-ons, and plan a phased deployment. Then we help you stand it up—architecting a fail-safe configuration and deployment, even in complex environments. Our professional advisors specialize not just in implementations but operations: turning on functionality, running IGA systems, automating onboarding, building out integrations, and factoring in secrets, bots, and DevOps.

Privileged Account Onboarding

Get visibility into all your accounts

With the growth of DevOps and bots, privileged account onboarding is an increasingly popular solution—both on its own and as part of a PAM implementation. Organizations need visibility into their users’ credentials, whether they’re human or robotic, along with where those credentials are stored. PAM onboarding can make both human and service accounts more traceable and auditable. Let us help you root out costly errors, like over-privileged accounts and unencrypted passwords. We can move your application service accounts from scripts to a secure vault in your PAM solution, and set up session monitoring for privileged users. Our train-the-trainer onboarding techniques provide your staff with scalable, sustainable capabilities.

Privileged Secrets Management

Manage credentials securely at DevOps speed

DevOps practices can reveal vulnerabilities in PAM security, but many PAM solutions aren’t designed to support the scale and speed of DevOps functions. DevOps engineers often embed passwords and other credentials right into the scripts for containers, servers, and apps like Chef, Puppet, and Jenkins. But engineers don’t need to know these “secrets” of the cloud kingdom in order to do their jobs. A PAM solution with privileged secrets management provides a safer, more streamlined way to govern access and certification. We’ll help you establish PAM vaults to prevent exposure and risk and ensure secrets are automatically coded, stored, managed, and rotated.

Third Party Access

Give vendors secure, automated access

Third parties such as vendors, suppliers, partners, and contractors often need access to solutions inside a company’s network. Yet this access exposes companies to all sorts of threats. CyberArk’s Alero solution solves the problem of vendor access by allowing companies to receive third-party requests, grant temporary access, allow approved functions, and then revoke access, with no exchanges of passwords. Alero uses multi-factor authentication rather than a VPN and monitors and records sessions. Our team of experienced advisors can help you master this complex deployment and evaluate the costs and benefits of Alero against other third party access solutions, such as a customer identity and access management (CIAM) IGA system.