Customer Identity Access Management


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Customer identity access management (CIAM) helps you safeguard access and data for your customers, as well as third parties such as vendors, suppliers, contractors, partners, or members. Like employees, these third parties need proper credentials and locked-down lifecycles—often through an IGA tool or delegated administration. But unlike employees, customers can easily go elsewhere if they’re unhappy with your IAM experience.  

Customer identity access management is a relatively new space with emerging use cases. That’s why your organization will benefit from advisors who recognize your unique CIAM needs. We have a wealth of experience working with diverse organizations and use cases, so we understand how to best match our clients’ needs with the emerging technology. Our specialization in IAM and our high-touch approach are a perfect match for helping you identify the right solutions in this developing arena.

Identity Advisory

Protect your company and your customers

Does your organization need a way to keep customers from interfacing directly with your IGA system, while still being protected? Do you need to give vendors access to core systems, but prevent them from accessing competitor data? Customer-related access issues are emergent and complex: as a result, they often lack best practices or templates. In uncharted waters like these your organization can make better decisions with experienced input. Since we specialize in identity and access management, our advisors have more CIAM experience and are familiar with the latest use cases. We carefully evaluate your requirements and recommend solutions and strategies optimized for your needs.

Vendor Evaluation

Find the right solution for your emerging needs

CIAM has particular needs that are not addressed in by many IAM solutions: consent management, user registration, profile personalization, and branding control, for example. CIAM solutions also need to be accessible and scalable. Many IAM vendors say their products will fit the bill, but how can you be sure? We provide a key service: qualifying the available vendor solutions against your specific organizational needs. Our experts are familiar not just with the technology but which use cases vendors actually support. We’ve worked with a broad variety of use cases and have the necessary insight to make recommendations optimized for your requirements.

Identity Enablement

Balance security with user experience

Many organizations in search of CIAM solutions value ease-of-use as much as security. For organizations seeking to moderate risk without alienating their customers or other third parties, the user experience needs to be seamless, consistent, and personalized. Balancing security with ease-of-access requires knowing who your identity constituents are, what access they require, and where it makes sense to separate or aggregate them. Customer-facing CIAM solutions that protect your security systems while enabling users to manage their identities can help you ensure you’re meeting the needs of both IT and the business.