IAM Services for Healthcare

Leverage our experience in addressing the unique challenges that healthcare organizations face when building and modernizing their IAM programs.

We’re experts at helping healthcare organizations achieve compliance and keep patient’s data safe

Because of the sensitivity of the data collected and managed by healthcare providers, healthcare is one of the most regulated industries.  We excel at helping identify and address the unique Identity and Access Management challenges that healthcare companies are facing today.

We can help your healthcare organization:

⦿  Identify risks and develop an IAM strategy
⦿  Add multiple layers of security with MFA and SSO
⦿  Centralize employee identities to simplify lifecycle management
⦿  Improve the patient experience through automation
⦿  Replace legacy tools with modern IAM solutions
⦿  Help ensure compliance with HIPAA, EPCS, GDPR, and other regulations through streamlined access governance
⦿  Meet the demands of the HITECH act
⦿  Be prepared for OCR audits
⦿  Protect patient data from ransomware attacks


Address Regulations and Compliance

Meet the high standards for regulatory compliance that healthcare organizations are held to

Identity and access management solutions help healthcare organizations meet the demanding regulations by enforcing privacy and security rules for the data that healthcare providers collect and store.  We can help you develop a strategy and blueprint to gain visibility and control over who has access to your systems and data (including your EHR systems).  We can then deploy an identity program that addresses regulatory compliance, utilizes automation, monitors activity, streamlines access requests, and allows you to confidently meet compliance audits. The regulations we can help address include:

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act established regulation to exercise best practices in the administrative, physical, and technical security of patient’s data

The United Kingdom General Data Protection Regulation (UK-GDPR) is the UK’s data privacy law that governs the processing of personal data from individuals inside the UK.

The Electronic Prescribing for Controlled Substances mandates two-factor authentication and I.D. proofing to verify a provider, among others.

The 2018 California Consumer Privacy Act put consumers in control of their privacy, giving them the rights to deny or revoke either the collection or sale of their data. 


Meet the Unique IAM Needs of Healthcare Organizations

We can help plan, implement, and support your strategic projects 

Beyond the typical IAM needs, healthcare adds additional strain and demands on identity security and governance.  The ever-growing number of regulations, a complex user base, IoT and BYOD, multiple authoritative sources, mergers and acquisitions, and countless other challenges often make these strategic projects quite complex.  They can involve significant resources, require coordination among multiple entities, and are highly visible.  Proper identity management should tie the individual patients to their data and privacy requests. Access Governance needs to ensure that a company knows where the data is housed and who can access it. The data must be protected with MFA to prevent unauthorized users from accessing it.

Understanding the unique IAM needs of the healthcare industry is essential in ensuring both the success of your identity and access management program and the transformation that is being implemented within your healthcare organization.  We can help you: 

⦿  Secure provider and employee access
⦿  Support multiple roles for single identities
⦿  Establish centralized visibility and governance of user access rights
⦿  Implement a Zero Trust /CARTA security strategy
⦿   Modernize legacy IAM solutions and
⦿   Integrate critical on-premises and Cloud IT applications, systems, and platforms across the network 
⦿  Implement a PAM solution to protect your most important data, systems, and IT infrastructure
⦿  Maintain and demonstrate compliance


Deploying an Integrated PAM & IGA Solution

Lack of investment in identity automation at this healthcare organization had created situations where business rules were not maintained and there was significant loss of governance and operational effectiveness. An external cybersecurity risk assessment found four critical risks to identity governance and access to privileged credentials:

⦿  No central view of users and privileges
⦿  Lack of a managed identity life cycle
⦿  No standard approval workflow for access requests
⦿  Access to privileged account passwords was not audited, and passwords were not consistently rotated

The combination of integrated PAM and IGA solutions has delivered day one productivity for new employees using familiar tools. A single feed through SailPoint allows updates to Active Directory, Lawson, and CyberArk. The integration also requires far fewer people and time to perform both simple and complex job changes, including revoking access when privileged users leave the organization.

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