IAM Expert Overlay Service

Lean on our team’s years of experience to provide guidance and strategy, implementation resources, technical validation, and training specific to your environment and needs.

Our expert resources can help get your stalled or challenging projects back on track, mentor your team, and plan a way forward

Identity security is complex.  Effectively planning, building, and supporting an IAM program takes very specific experience and skills.  It requires so much more than configuring and implementing an application (although this alone is difficult). 

Our “Expert Overlay” services can help when you’re having difficulty finding resources with the needed skillset, or your internal resources lack the needed IAM experience. We step in during a current project that’s experiencing challenges and is not showing the expected value.  We’ll provide the technical guidance and business expertise to optimize your investments and make sure things are done right.  We can also provide on-the-job training so your resources can build their own expertise.  

⦿  Understand the WHY and the HOW! 
⦿  We’ll provide the technical skills your teams don’t yet have 
⦿  We’ll provide technical validation that things are being done correctly 
⦿  We’ll provide guidance and strategy
⦿  We’ll provide training specific to YOUR environment 

Technical Implementation Resources

You’ll get resources with technical skills and experience that internal teams don’t typically have

Guidance and Strategy

You’ll get resources to help optimize your IAM program, instill best practices, and provide a short and long-term vision

Technical Validation

We’ll help validate the work your staff is doing, and course correct if needed.  Ensure that changes pushed to production are working and optimized for future steps.

The Why and How

Understand why you’re connecting specific applications and platforms, how to do it, and what issues you’re trying to solving. The combination of these things puts you firmly in the driver’s seat!

Customized Training

We can train your internal resources during the engagement with customized workshops and knowledge transfer sessions designed to fit your staff and environment (vs. more general vendor training).

Expert Overlay Platform Support

We’ve driven some of the largest and most complex SailPoint projects to success. We’re SailPoint Admiral Certified for both Cloud and On-Prem (one of the few to have both designations). When it comes to SailPoint, we can help!

Saviynt Managed Services

We can help you understand the Saviynt ecosystem, create a strategy and roadmap, implement and support Saviynt purchases, discover untapped abilities of your existing Saviynt implementations, explore integration opportunities, and identify gaps that need attention.

BeyondTrust Managed Services

We’re a 2-time BeyondTrust Focus Partner with expertise and certifications across their portfolio.  We can help ensure that only the users who need it have access to your organization’s most sensitive networks, systems, applications, and data (and only when they need it)

CyberArk Managed Services

As a 2-time CyberArk Partner of the Year, we’re experts at helping organizations evaluate, implement, and support the CyberArk platform. Our extensive experience includes helping CyberArk develop its original integration with the SailPoint platform.

If you’ve chosen Delinea for your PAM platform, we can evaluate your needs and identify gaps that require attention, create (or update) a PAM strategy & roadmap, support each phase of the roadmap, and provide resources to support your program once it’s mature

We’re experienced at using Okta – deploying iterative, phased authentication and authorization solutions, including WAM, SSO, MFA and IDaaS. And our experts know how to integrate your solutions with other systems such as IGA, PAM, API gateways, SIEM, and DLP.

Lean on experts to build your program right

Most companies want to handle identity security implementations and support themselves, but lack time, resources, training, experience, or any combination of these. IAM and all the interlocked technologies and platforms that make a mature program are complex, and require years of experience to understand – we have that experience. Our Expert Overlay services are designed to take away the pressure of hiring or training internal resources. We’ll provide the experts so you can focus on your business.

We’ll help you validate what you’re building, before it’s pushed live

Part of what our customers appreciate about the Expert Overlay service is that we help validate the work your technical staff does BEFORE it’s pushed into production.

This not only helps ensure nothing is broken or left vulnerable, but it also has trickle-down effect to the program as a whole which helps prepare for future success.

Understand what you’re improving and how to get there

Building an IAM program is about so much more than configuring and implementing an application.  Our experts will help you understand the areas of IAM you’re addressing.  With IGA for example, you’ll understand why you’re connecting certain applications and what you’re trying to solve by doing it.  You’ll also understand why certain processes and procedures need to be put in place.  This understanding is a key element to both the Expert Overlay and the IAM program it will help build.

Purpose-built training focused on your business

Many of our customers find vendor training to be helpful at the start, but ultimately need something that goes deeper and takes into consideration their unique environment, goals, and staffing.  During the Expert Overlay engagement, we can work with your team to educate and build the knowledge they’ll need to take the program forward (if that’s your goal). 

From “over the shoulder” training, to custom workshops, to documentation and support, we’ll work with you to create training that fits your needs, staff, and desired outcomes.  

Why Integral Partners can help build and support your IAM program

When it comes to planning, building, and supporting IAM programs – we have experience successfully implementing solutions in every vertical. 

We focus exclusively on IAM. It’s all we do. We can deliver the results you need, on time and in budget. You get high-touch guidance, quick answers, and access to our deep base of expertise.

Let’s talk IAM Expert Overlay 

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  • We can help – from strategy, evaluation, purchase, implementation and support

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