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Identity and Access Management solutions improve IT security, enhance compliance, reduce risk, and save costs. But to get the most out of any technology solution, advisory services can give you a solid and comprehensive understanding of your environment’s complexities, challenges, and realities.

We’re experts in what works, what doesn’t, and what you need.

  • We design our advisory services to evaluate your company’s needs and capabilities, provide expert advice, and help you make successful, confident decisions.
  • We partner with you to assess your unique IT security landscape and develop options that meet your current needs while anticipating future demands.
  • We determine what’s appropriate for your industry, requirements, budget, and investment, while providing end-to-end recommendations for the people, processes, and technology to get you there.

We’re hands-on, personable, and accessible.

Unlike some advisory services firms, Integral Partners doesn’t assume hours or deliverables, and we don’t take a template-driven, cookie-cutter approach. Instead, we tailor each advisory services experience around your unique needs. We focus exclusively on IAM so that we can deliver the results you need, on time and in budget. Our small size and flat structure means you get high-touch guidance, quick answers, and access to our deep base of expertise.

Strategy and Roadmap

Know the best path for your organization and how to get there

When it comes to solving problems and managing the business, many companies are so busy keeping the lights on they can’t see the big picture. They struggle to understand where they are today—much less where they need to be in the future. Integral Partners advisors work with you to craft a strategy and roadmap that will meet your maturing identity needs. We’ll ensure you know which tools to deploy and in what order, prioritize the right capabilities, develop business cases, make smart staffing decisions, improve existing processes, and consider critical solutions across the entire IAM domain.

IAM Process Improvement

 Improve how you operate before you automate

Have you ever invested in an IAM solution, only to deploy it and realize it didn’t solve your problems? Buying technology without auditing your processes just automates the very operations that may be holding you back. Process Improvement Advisory Services look at your processes and provide guidance on making your unique environment safer, faster, and more efficient. Our advisors study how you currently manage IAM, RBAC, onboarding and offboarding, HR solutions, provisioning, enterprise authentication, and overall access governance process flows; then we help you identify improvements, make realistic changes, customize, and fill the gaps in your IAM tools.

Vendor Selection

Expert insight to make the best decision

The IAM technology landscape is competitive and constantly in flux. Every vendor has strengths and weaknesses. To make smart purchasing decisions, you need to fully understand your requirements, your environment, and which vendors and solutions will be a good fit for you. Our advisors’ insights can help you make smart buying decisions with confidence. We pay attention to the vendor marketplace and roadmaps, with a deep understanding of available features and functionality. We’ve built trusted partnerships with the top vendors so we can help you negotiate the best deal, yet we provide unbiased recommendations that are based on your needs.

RFP Guidance

Ask the right questions so you’ll get the right answers

Many organizations don’t know what to look for in am IAM tool: they don’t know what questions to ask, what requirements to gather, or what to expect from a vendor demo. Integral Partners advisors have decades of real-world experience implementing IAM solutions, and can provide you with the critical information you need to make the best purchasing decision for your organization. We’ll help you write a comprehensive RFP, ask the right questions, bring in vendors, run customized demos, work through feedback, compare pricing to recent market transactions, and summarize the findings. Finally, we’ll provide guidance through the decision-making process so you’re assured the best possible outcome.