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Leverage our 20+ years of IAM experience to choose the right tools, process, and investment for your industry.

We’re experts at helping create successful IAM Programs

Advisory Engagement: Our IAM Advisory engagements are designed to help organizations gain a comprehensive understanding of their environment’s complexities, challenges, and realities – and then help them make the right decisions.  We’ll determine what a successful IAM program would look like based on your unique needs, and provide end-to-end recommendations for the people, processes, and technology to get you there.

Any Maturity Level: Companies recognize the need to tackle identity and access challenges at different stages in their journey. They might be just beginning as they try to apply IAM best practices, choose the right tools, reduce risk, and comply with regulations. Or they’re ready to deploy tools and a process, but unsure about staffing, integrations, and the order of implementation.  Regardless of maturity level, Integral Partners can help reduce your challenges and help you build a successful process.

⦿  Free workshops to help educate and drive success
⦿  Evaluate your company’s needs and capabilities
⦿  Help with strategy and roadmap planning
⦿  Refresh and Modernize your IAM program
⦿  Help with Vendor evaluation
⦿  Reduce risk and comply with regulations

Individual IAM Advisory Services

Featured  Platforms

SailPoint Managed Services
Saviynt Managed Services
CyberArk Managed Services
BeyondTrust Managed Services
Ping Managed Services


Free Identity Workshops

Customized workshops – tailored to fit your areas of interest

Gaining a better understanding of the terms, tools and process involved with IAM is important – whether you’re just starting to address identity security, or you already have an IAM program and need a refresher to help determine what needs improving. Our free workshops are designed to introduce the technologies and best practices of a successful Identity and Access Management program. Before each workshop, we meet with your team top discuss your areas of interest so we can tailor the workshop to fit your needs.

⦿  IAM Essentials Workshop
⦿  Privileged Access Management Essentials Workshop
⦿  SailPoint Solutions Workshop
⦿  Oracle OIM Replacement Workshop
⦿  Zero Trust / CARTA Workshop


Vendor Selection

Expert (tool agnostic) insight so you make the best decision

The IAM technology landscape is competitive and constantly in flux. Every vendor has strengths and weaknesses. To make smart purchasing decisions, you need to fully understand your requirements, your environment, and which vendors and solutions will be a good fit. We pay attention to the vendor marketplace and build a deep understanding of available features and functionality. We can provide unbiased recommendations and help you make the right decisions.

Our Partners include SailPoint, Saviynt, CyberArk, BeyondTrust, Okta, Ping Identity, and SecZetta. 


Identity Recharge & Modernization

Ensure your existing IAM strategy secures against current threats and meets your business goals

Do you may have an IAM strategy and roadmap that is now a year or more old. Changes to your business, priorities, and outside threats make revisiting your roadmap essential (or you might read about it later).

⦿  Are you tracking well to your original plan? If not, why not?
⦿  What new tools and features should you should be aware of?
⦿  What new threats do you need to protect against?

Are there new business processes that affect the roadmap and need addressed? A recharge will help find gaps, identify new trends and approaches, and get side-tracked projects back on track.


Interim IAM Director

Leverage our experience to fill the most important Identity security role while you search for a permanent resource

We help many organizations that are starting to build their Identity program but don’t yet have an IAM Director to run it and oversee the execution of project work. If you don’t have that person today, or they are new to the role, Integral Partners can help by providing an Interim IAM Director. Using our deep expertise and access to a highly skilled experts, we can provide an Interim IAM Director who can help you develop a strategy, work with stakeholders for approval, and manage the strategy through execution if needed. This includes working with executives and steering committees and getting buy-in for the approach and outcomes.

⦿  Mature your program while you search for a permanent resource
⦿  Our Interim Director can mentor and train your team
⦿  Assist with vetting and hiring new positions
⦿  Continue leveraging Integral Partner’s expertise after an engagement


Zero Trust/CARTA Guidance

We can help you learn about, plan, and implement a Zero Trust strategy 

Many organizations tasked with moving to Zero Trust or CARTA aren’t sure what that means for IAM solutions and processes. Integral Partners can provide a review of your IAM posture from a Zero Trust or CARTA perspective and provide guidance and strategy that will ensure compliance to the frameworks.

⦿  Learn through a free Zero Trust workshop
⦿  Require authenticated access to all applications
⦿  Adopt a least privilege model
⦿  Log and inspect all activities with data analytics 

IAM Team Training

Keep your team current on the fundamentals and latest trends

Do you have a new manager or team that has some Identity experience but could use training to make sure they understand the fundamental pieces of an IAM program, and how they work together to cover all IAM capabilities? This interactive session will be custom designed to target your specific needs.

IAM Director Coaching

Mentoring for Directors new to IAM

If your Director is new to IAM or could use a refresher, one of our IAM veterans can coach them to ensure they are well grounded in IAM fundamentals. Our Advisory team has decades of experience managing IAM teams and programs across Healthcare, Higher Education, Finance, Insurance, and Fintech.

Why Integral Partners can help with IAM Advisory

Unlike some advisory services firms, Integral Partners doesn’t assume hours or deliverables, and we don’t take a template-driven, cookie-cutter approach. Instead, we tailor each advisory services experience around your unique needs.

We focus exclusively on IAM and can deliver the results you need, on time and in budget. You get high-touch guidance, quick answers, and access to our deep base of expertise.

IAM Consulting Services - Consultants

Creating an IAM program at Southern New Hampshire University

The majority SNHU’s 190,000+ students are enrolled online. They needed an IAM program that could manage multiple, overlapping identities — including students, faculty, adjunct faculty, staff, part-time staff, temporary workers, and contractors. Each of these individuals can have multiple affiliations.

The Integral Partners Advisory team delivered a detailed diagram of SNHU’s system architecture, a prioritized roadmap, and best-fit solution recommendations. Our team demonstrated how two applications — Sailpoint’s IdentityNow (for students) and IdentityIQ (for staff) — would best manage the lifecycle requirements and active directory needs of the university’s diverse populations.

At the crux of this solution is an intelligent architecture for how all the applications — Colleague, Banner, SalesForce, IdentityNow, ServiceNow, and more — work together.

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Higher Education
190,000+ Students & Faculty

Vendor Selection
SailPoint IdentityIQ & IdentityNow
Strategy and Roadmap

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