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With the rapid adoption of cloud computing and BYO devices in everyday business, organizations are scrambling to upgrade their web access management solutions. Federated access is fast becoming the norm for managing single sign-on (SSO), as it gives employees an easy, workflow-friendly way to manage access without multiple passwords. But ensuring access for authorized users—and preventing access for unauthorized ones—is more complicated than it seems: there are too many choices, disruptive upgrade options, and a host of new business requirements.

Integral Partners can help you navigate these critical decisions with end-to-end Access Management and Enforcement (AME) solutions, including planning, implementation, and adoption. Our experienced advisors and security experts work closely with you to identify the right solutions for your organization and ensure that implementation goes smoothly. We offer a broad set of relevant skills, including evaluation and architecture, systems integration and onboarding, and expansion and adoption.

Access Management Advisory

Plan for your access management needs

Federated identity management is a secure and efficient way for organizations to reduce their risk surface area while improving the authentication user experience. When choosing single sign-on (SSO) applications, identity providers (IdP), and similar solutions, it’s critical to look carefully at which tools work best for which user cases. We evaluate your organization, workflow, processes, and tools to help you develop an AME strategy and roadmap. Our experienced advisors look at what access management and enforcement capabilities you require and recommend the best-fit solutions. We help you navigate your RFP and vendor selection process, map the right IdP vendor to your existing service provider, and craft a deployment plan.

Access Management Deployment

We think of everything you need for successful deployment

Standing up an access management solution can be complex, but it’s easier with experienced security experts. We can handle all phases of a deployment, from building out architecture to phased onboarding to aggregating users. We can help you gather use cases, configure the solution to your internal user directory, on-board SaaS applications into IDaaS/SSO solutions, on-board new VPN profiles, manage authentication to new servers, and extend multi-factor authentication (MFA). We’re experienced at deploying iterative, phased authentication and authorization solutions, including WAM, SSO, MFA and IDaaS. And our experts know how to integrate your solutions with other systems such as IGA, PAM, API gateways, SIEM, and DLP.

Access Management Application Onboarding

Connect your solution to your key apps

Application onboarding gives organizations comprehensive visibility into their accounts and the identities associated with them. By connecting your access management solution to your key systems, onboarding not only enhances security but provides you with richer data about who has access to what, and when. We help organizations with essential onboarding functions such as designing workflows, onboarding users, and training support staff. We look at which applications are the best candidates for moving to your platform while ensuring that people receive proper access. Our advisors assist with onboarding both on its own or as part of deployment, and implement best practices for business continuity and operational excellence.