Access Management Services

Keep your business secure with a centralized solution for authentication and authorization to applications, including Single Sign-On, Multi-factor Authentication, and passwordless solutions.

Our Access Management Services Can Help You Gain Control Again

You may think you had solved the authentication and authorization problem with your legacy Web Access Management tool and Active Directory. However, traditional IT patterns have been breaking as cloud computing and BYOD have forced organizations to mature their approach to authentication and authorization. Our Access Management practice can help you regain centralized visibility and control of your users, devices, networks, and applications and how they interact with each other.

There are dozens of vendor solutions, each tackling a different part of the larger problem. Integral Partners can help you navigate the critical decisions and choose the right Access Management solution, including technical assessment/analysis, strategy planning, roadmapping, implementation, and adoption.

⦿  Strategic assessment and advice
⦿  AME tools to adopt a zero trust posture
⦿  Product recommendations to fit your unique needs. (Okta or Ping? Azure?)
⦿  Implementation assistance to quickly achieve your goals
⦿  Integration of your cloud or on-prem apps with your AME tools
⦿  Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)
⦿  Single sign-on programs that leverage protocols such as SAML and OAuth
⦿  Passwordless solutions for front-line workers on shared workstations

Individual Access Management Services

Featured  AM Solutions

Okta provides cloud software that helps companies manage and secure user authentication into applications, and for developers to build identity controls into applications, website web services and devices.

Ping Managed Services

Ping Identity provides federated identity management and self-hosted identity access management and single sign-on solutions, providing standards to replace passwords for authenticating to web applications.


Okta vs Ping Evaluation

Evaluate your organization, workflow, and processes needs and identify the right tools to help

When choosing single sign-on (SSO) applications, identity providers (IdP), and similar solutions, it’s critical to look carefully at which tools work best for your specific user cases and environment. Our experienced advisors look at what access management capabilities you require and recommend the best-fit solutions. We help you navigate your RFP and vendor selection process, map the right use cases to vendor capabilities, and craft a deployment plan.

⦿  Identify relevant use cases and prioritize them
⦿  Analyze vendor capabilities to satisfy use cases
⦿  Define future architecture patterns
⦿  Plan for implementation by identifying the right parties ahead of time


Azure vs Okta Evaluation

Use our experience to help put vendor statements in context

One of the most common questions we hear is whether licensing Okta is worth the cost when Azure provides some of the Access Management features desired. Is going with Okta the best way to avoid vendor lock-in? Or perhaps the deep contextual access features that Microsoft offers for its own products are a must have. We have helped clients make this decision through use case analysis and a vendor neutral weighing of features. We can help bridge the gap between the different perspectives in your organization and provide our expert neutral advice.

⦿  Review where Azure sits in your current organization
⦿  Analyze vendor capabilities to satisfy use cases
⦿  Determine if Okta and Azure should work together and how
⦿  Plan for implementation by identifying the right parties ahead of time


Access Management Advisory Services

Let us help you bootstrap your Access Management Program

Do you need an AME but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you want to update your tooling and need to know which use cases are relevant for your Identity Governance tools and which for your Access Management tools.

We can help you build out a strategy and roadmap for your Access Management program, highlighting gaps in the current state and providing recommendations for meeting your organization’s security and user experience goals.

⦿  Conduct interviews to discover and document current state
⦿  Provide input on best practices and organizational maturity
⦿  Deliver an actionable Access Management roadmap 


Expert Services

We embed ourselves in your team to share our expertise without getting in the way

Sometimes you have the right people in house to implement an Access Management solution but are not sure of the best approach. We can help you design it correctly from the start, through collaborative whiteboard sessions and use case analysis. We can also provide your team with artifacts to get them going, such as reference applications and code samples using vendor libraries. This way, your team can get started quickly and avoid spinning their wheels.

⦿ Interactive whiteboard sessions that detail future application flows
⦿  Define user journeys across your organization’s applications
⦿  Embed our experts in your Agile development process
⦿  Plan for optimal security and user experience 


Okta or Ping Identity Deployment

We evaluate your organization, workflow, processes, and tools to help you develop a successful AME strategy and roadmap

Implementing an access management solution can be complex if you don’t understand the tool and the ecosystem around it. We can handle all phases of a deployment, from building out architecture to phased onboarding to aggregating users. We’re experienced at deploying iterative, phased authentication and authorization solutions, including WAM, SSO, MFA and IDaaS. And our experts know how to integrate your solutions with other systems such as IGA, PAM, API gateways, SIEM, and DLP. Want to also manage your user lifecycle in these tools? We can help there as well.

⦿  Gather use cases
⦿  Configure the solution to your internal user directory
⦿  On-board SaaS applications into IDaaS/SSO solutions
⦿  Manage authentication to new servers
⦿  Extend multi-factor authentication (MFA)
⦿  Manage your full user lifecycle, from authoritative source to target application

Okta Certified

Our Okta Certified Consultants know how to integrate your solutions with other systems such as IGA, PAM, API gateways, SIEM, and DLP.

Want to also manage your user lifecycle in these tools? We can help there as well.


Customer Identity and Access Management

Customer identity means new stakeholders, new use cases, and new challenges

Many organizations are embarking on digital transformation projects to increase brand awareness, loyalty, and marketing opportunities. However, this also puts organizations in a position they may have never been in before: publishing applications to customers and securing customer authentication data.

We understand the challenges inherent in these projects, and the need to bridge gaps between information security, marketing, and business owners. We can help during planning, architecture, and implementation to ensure a successful project and happy customers.

⦿  Create frictionless login and registration processes
⦿  Ensure scalability
⦿  Secure and drive digital transformation
⦿  Use APIs to adapt your authorization policies
⦿  Protect against account hijacking and takeovers
⦿  Create a seamless experience across your app portfolio through integrations


Legacy Access Management Replacement using Okta Access Gateway

Let us help move your Access Management workloads to the cloud

Heavyweight first generation Web Access Management solutions like SiteMinder and Oracle Access Manager are being deprecated by their vendors, leaving many on premise applications without supported authentication. Meanwhile, your workforce may now need to access these same applications from the cloud. We can help by providing planning, architecture, and implementation support for tools like Okta’s Access Gateway product to provide cloud authentication and access to your legacy applications.

⦿  Analyze the impact by migrating your existing legacy tooling
⦿  Assist application teams preparing to deal with impending changes
⦿  Evaluate the relevance of new use cases enabled by migrating from the legacy platform
⦿  Implement the tool from start to finish

Why Integral Partners can help with Access Management

We understand Access Management is a broad discipline with many relevant use cases – only some of which will be relevant for your organization. We will work with your organization to understand what you want to accomplish and provide our expertise on how to achieve it. By providing support through strategy, planning, architecture, and implementation, you can use us to help you deliver a more secure organization with higher end user satisfaction.

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