As a six-time Admiral Top Delivery award winner, we can help you evaluate, implement, and support everything SailPoint.

We’re SailPoint Identity Experts

We’re proud to have received our sixth consecutive SailPoint Admiral Certifications for Delivery Excellence in recognition of our ability to deliver highly successful implementations.  IAM is our sole focus, including the Identity platforms that support it.  When it comes to SailPoint, we can help!

⦿  Understand the SailPoint ecosystem – choose the right tools
⦿  Create an IAM/SailPoint strategy & roadmap
⦿  Implement and support SailPoint purchases
⦿  Discover untapped abilities of your existing SailPoint implementations
⦿  Explore Integration opportunities
⦿  Migrate older SailPoint implementations to the cloud
⦿  Identify gaps that need attention

SailPoint & IAM Essentials

Learn about SailPoint and the IAM ecosystem, which solutions might fit your needs best, and how to maximize previous SailPoint purchases. The essentials of a successful IAM program will also be covered.

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We can help you choose the right SailPoint solutions

It’s not always easy for organizations to determine which SailPoint capabilities, integrations and services fit their needs. We’ll give tool-agnostic advice to help you make the right decisions.

Avoid low ROI by maximizing your existing SailPoint tools

Narrow initial use case, ineffective implementations by companies unfamiliar with IAM, and new demands can can cause unnecessarily low ROI. We can help you avoid shelfware and maximize your SailPoint investments.

Moving to the Cloud:
IIQ to IdentityNow Migration

Taking advantage of cloud infrastructure is important, but securing access to cloud platforms creates a unique set of challenges. We can help you migrate older SailPoint implementations to the cloud.

Control your data with File Access Manager

We can implement SailPoint’s File Access Manager (FAM), providing the visibility and control you need to confidently protect your organization’s most sensitive and important data assets.

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Cloud Implementation & Support Subscription

Short on budget or IAM resources?  Use our IdentityNow deployment subscription, which bundles the platform, implementation and support into one affordable, flexible, fixed-cost subscription.

We’ll empower your organization with SailPoint Predictive Identity

We can help you implement SailPoint Predictive Identity, their SaaS solution that uses AI and machine learning to adapt as your organization changes. It provides recommendations to determine if access should be granted to users.

Maintain a state of continuous compliance and proactively spotting risky users and access that pose potential threats.

Save time and resources with our SailPoint IdentityNow SaaS Support Subscription

Our IdentityNow+ subscription combines SailPoint’s best-in-breed cloud identity platform with our world-class implementation services and support – bundled into one affordable, flexible, fixed-cost subscription.  Features include provisioning, access governance, password management, and business intelligence.

Deployment and ongoing maintenance:  Your subscription will also include the implementation of IdentityNow and support from Integral Partners for the length of your subscription.

 ⦿  Can cost up to 40% less than traditional IGA deployments
 ⦿  We can implement integrations and features on your timeline
 ⦿  Reduce Demand on Your IT Staff – get our consultants as your trusted IAM experts
 ⦿  Cloud-First:  Simplified implementation, reduced internal resources, and lower cost


Creating an IAM program at Southern New Hampshire University

The majority SNHU’s 190,000+ students are enrolled online. They needed an IAM program that could manage multiple, overlapping identities — including students, faculty, adjunct faculty, staff, part-time staff, temporary workers, and contractors. Each of these individuals can have multiple affiliations.

The Integral Partners team delivered a detailed diagram of SNHU’s system architecture, a prioritized roadmap, and best-fit solution recommendations. Our Advisory team demonstrated how two applications — Sailpoint’s IdentityNow (for students) and IdentityIQ (for staff) — would best manage the lifecycle requirements and active directory needs of the university’s diverse populations.

At the crux of this solution is an intelligent architecture for how all the applications — Colleague, Banner, SalesForce, IdentityNow, ServiceNow, and more — work together.

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Higher Education
190,000+ Students & Faculty

Vendor Selection
SailPoint IdentityIQ & IdentityNow
Strategy and Roadmap

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Let’s talk SailPoint & Identity 

Ready to learn more?  Let’s start a conversation with one of our SailPoint experts.  They can answer any initial questions you have about SailPoint, our free workshops, or any other IAM related issues.  

 ⦿  We’re SailPoint Admiral partners but tool agnostic
 ⦿  We have over 20+ years of experience with IAM
 ⦿  Advisory is at the heart of what we do

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SailPoint IdentityIQ is an identity and access management (IAM) solution for enterprise customers that delivers automated access certifications, policy management, access request and provisioning, password management, and identity intelligence

SailPoint IdentityNow is a true SaaS identity governance solution that allows you to easily control user access to all systems and applications, enhance audit response and increase your operational efficiency.

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