Single Sign-on

Improve productivity, security, and user satisfaction—all in one solution.

Single Sign-On (SSO) adoption continues to grow and it’s easy to see why: It provides a single set of secure credentials for each user that enables access to all relevant applications and data, whether behind the firewall or via the cloud, on any device, at any location. The results? Greater productivity, reduced Help Desk calls, more-efficient authentication processes, and greater convenience and satisfaction for users.

Integral Partners knows all the benefits this streamlined technology brings and can seamlessly implement an SSO solution that meets all of your specifications. Using a tested methodology in conjunction with our partners’ technology, we’ll help you determine the best levels of authentication based on users’ roles, needs, and relative security risks. With multifactor authentication, including a variety of authentication factors suited to your organization for even greater security, we’ll ensure all compliance requirements are met or exceeded while enhancing your users’ experience.

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