Role Management

Take the complexity out of role-based access control.

Roles and role assignments in organizations are always changing. Ensuring that the right users have the correct access to the proper resources, apps, and information in the midst of that change is often complex and time-consuming, especially as the relationship of users evolve along with their responsibilities.

Integral Partners offers a robust role management solution that makes it easier to manage the assignment of fine-grain permissions in your organization. We’ll automate your role-based access control—whether provisioning, deprovisioning, or adding a new user—and deliver new efficiencies in user account management and access governance.

Role management projects should be approached with a clear plan that defines project scope, assigns resources, and includes change management, role governance, and deployment strategies. We have extensive experience in partnering with organizations to develop these plans and will work closely with you to implement a solution with the ideal balance of process and technology to deliver the efficiencies you want.

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