Reducing Risk and Complexity

Integrating a Complex Web of Global Identities

Customer Snapshot

This is a global, publicly traded satellite communications company with over 3,500 employees and 10,000 third parties across 20+ locations and subsidiary companies.


This customer is motivated by a need to automate its slow, painfully manual IAM processes so it can improve performance in frequent audits and reduce the risk of human error. The company has to manage thousands of roles spread across multiple user types — from IT and HR employees to contractors and resellers — in offices around the globe. Its history of mergers, acquisitions, and spinoffs has created a complex legacy of pieced-together systems that lack governance and integration.

Additionally, a previous attempt to implement an IGA system didn’t end well (it was overly complex and lacked a centralized IAM program to support it), and left the company unsure about what to do next. With staff swamped in day-to-day operations, the company doesn’t have the bandwidth to systematically evaluate its current state, develop a comprehensive strategy and roadmap to ensure cost effective deployment of resources, and avoid the same issues it encountered with its previous IGA implementation failure.


Integral Partners provided a comprehensive analysis of the customer’s current environment and developed a customized strategy and roadmap.

Using a scrupulous discovery process, Integral Partners developed a thorough understanding of the company’s existing requirements, processes, architecture, challenges, and business drivers. Based on input from the customer we then presented a complete strategic solution for bridging the gap from the company’s current to its ideal state — including a roadmap with phased implementation, tool evaluations and recommendations, and costs.

Though the customer initially assumed its complex environment would require multiple IGA solutions (in order to keep the PCI environment separate from the corporate one), after seeing and discussing the solution presented by our collaborative efforts, the company realized it could go with a single, more efficient one. The CISO was well-equipped to succeed as an executive sponsor for the project, getting managers on-board and attracting a groundswell of support.

Key Benefits

  • Alignment of IGA strategy with overall business and IT strategy
  • Thorough understanding of current vulnerabilities, gaps, and areas for improvement
  • Comprehensive IAM strategy and roadmap
  • Plans for single, integrated IGA system with phased implementation
  • Strong CISO executive sponsor and manager buy-in
  • Improved communication among security team members


Telecom/Communication Services


Advisory, Strategy and Roadmap