Efficient and Effective RFP

Inception to Delivery: Four weeks to an IAM RFP

Customer Snapshot

This company is a highly-regulated financial institution providing a substantial source of home mortgages and community credit in the southeastern United States.


The company had a minimal budget and limited staff to replace an unsupported product they were using for Identity and Access Management (IAM). This antiquated product had not kept pace with the modern functionality of IAM products and was failing to meet the evolving needs of the business. The company needed support to decide on the best move forward IAM technology platform to support their current needs while reducing the long-term technology risks to their organization.


The Integral Partners team partnered closely with the customer on an aggressive four-week schedule to select a replacement solution which included a Request For Proposal (RFP) to potential IAM vendors. We collaborated with the customer to understand their culture, business needs and technology requirements while providing our unique insight and expertise in identifying the potential gaps in the customer’s IAM strategy for the next three years.  This collaboration resulted in over 100 bespoke questions on the final RFP tailored to identify the most fitting IAM solution. The team also developed a customized decision-making matrix and scorecard based on the customer’s requirements and helped to winnow the initially broad field of potential IAM solution vendors to just three based on our prior experience implementing and maintaining many of the IAM solutions.

In sorting through IAM vendor replies, we helped the customer score the vendor responses and provided coaching on specific, targeted demonstrations to request from each vendor based on the customer’s business requirements rather than the generic functionality of each product. Once the customer selected the technology provider, our implementation team rapidly implemented a Proof of Concept (POC) for the customer. This successful POC included prototyping and developing custom provisioning code in under twelve hours to support completing the POC within a week. The result? Our customer was delighted and provided unsolicited feedback to let us know we  got it right:

” I was blown away with Darren during the selection process. I rarely meet anyone as well versed on an industry, as cognizant as to business needs and real world feedback, and also as detail oriented to see things through. I had wondered if he was a special case and then you drop Dan on us. Wow, talk about an amazing wizard in the product that can deliver like no other. He knows his stuff and is amazing. All of the supporting team was also incredible, but it is worth noting that you’ve put an amazing foot forward with talent I’ve rarely found in strategic partners.”


Key Benefits

  • Development of comprehensive business and technical requirements based on a deep business understanding
  • Effective and efficient RFP to quickly identify best fit IAM solution
  • Radid and targeted POC to generate confidence in selection
  • Cost effective use of outside expertise to ensure success


Financial Services


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