Privileged Access

Secure your access from day one.

Many of the biggest data breaches in recent years have been due to lapses in privileged access security—having the keys to the kingdom end up in the wrong person’s hands. Maybe that’s why privileged users were identified as the top internal threat (68%) in a recent survey of IT operations and security managers, with the vast majority (91%) predicting the risk of insider threats will continue to grow or stay the same.*

Through our Privileged Access Management (PAM) service, we integrate a holistic methodology into your operations that keeps your organization safe from accidental or deliberate misuse of privileged access. With decades of experience behind us, we can not only help you meet your pressing IT security needs, regardless of the size of your organization, but we’ll provide you with a framework for investment prioritization, user training and world-class support.

PAM is complex, but we make it easier.

PAM eliminates the risk of compliance violations, privacy breaches, and fraud due to compromised accounts. We’ll help you ensure that only those users who need access to your organization’s most sensitive networks, systems, applications, and data have those privileges–and only when they need them. What’s more, we’ll give you the tools to centrally manage privileged access so that you can grant or revoke access quickly, as well as:

  • Lockdown credentials (passwords/SSH keys)
  • Isolate, control, and record sessions
  • Monitor privileged account usage
  • Integrate PAM with your security analytics and IGA solutions

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* The 2016 Study on the Insecurity of Privileged Users. Ponemon, August 2016.

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