Access Enforcement

Cyber-attacks are evolving. So should your access control.

Thanks to the rapid adoption of cloud computing, SaaS, IaaS, and mobile devices in day-to-day business, organizations everywhere are facing the reality that single sign-on web access management solutions are becoming virtually obsolete.

Yet to prevent next-generation fraud and unauthorized access, organizations often face a myriad of choices, expensive and disruptive upgrades, and a host of new access enforcement business requirements.

We understand and offer end-to-end Access Management and Enforcement (AME) solutions that encompass all AME planning, implementation, and adoption for your organization. Our experienced consultants and IT security experts will work closely with you to select ideal, practical solutions and work tirelessly to implement them, no matter the complexity. What’s more, we’ll improve your cyber-security through a host of customized capabilities that include:

Planning and Architecture

  • Develop strategies and roadmaps
  • Design program
  • Develop architecture and reference implementations
  • Discover resources requiring protection
  • Identify AME capabilities required
  • Prioritize delivery

Systems Integration

  • Deploy iterative, phased authentication and authorization solutions including WAM, SSO, MFA and IDaaS
  • Integrate with solutions such as IGA, PAM, API gateways, SIEM, and DLP

Expansion and Adoption

  • Evaluate organization, workflow, processes, and tools
  • Extend multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • On-board SaaS applications into IDaaS SSO solutions
  • Design resource access policies for applications
  • On-board new VPN profiles
  • Manage authentication to new servers

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