IAM Solution Integrations

Bringing the pieces together: Implementing end-to-end privileged account management with an integrated identity security solution


Customer Snapshot

This US based company is a publicly traded consumer retailer that sells kitchenware and home furnishings.  It is one of the largest e-commerce retailers in the U.S. and one of the biggest multi-channel specialty retailers in the world with over 600 stores worldwide.

♦ Employees:  26,000     ♦ Annual Revenue:  > $4B

The Challenge

With global operations, this retail leader partnered with Integral Partners to make an investment in CyberArk to secure privileged accounts throughout the organization.

Inefficient manual processes required the client to develop an integrated and automated solution to reduce the risk created by privileged accounts existing outside of the CyberArk platform.

The Solution

Integral Partners had been selected to deploy SailPoint Identity IQ which was then customized for requesting and provisioning individual elevated Active Directory domain accounts for IT staff.  Their privileged accounts needed to be automatically vaulted in CyberArk prior to being used by authorized personnel.

Using CyberArk’s REST and PACLI APIs, Integral Partners built a custom SailPoint IIQ connector to vault the privileged domain accounts after they were provisioned within Active Directory.

Once finished, the connector automatically created safes, set safe membership and permissions, vaulted accounts, forced an initial password change, sent notifications to the account owner and performed account to owner reconciliations.

Integral Partners’ customer was able to integrate two of its critical IAM solutions to create an end-to-end automated and auditable solution which maximized key investments while further securing the organization.


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