IDaaS Challenges

Tackling the complexities of an IDaaS deployment in a global, multilingual, diverse workforce environment.

Customer Snapshot

This global fortune 500 company is a publicly traded manufacturing and distribution company global focusing on pressure-sensitive adhesive materials.

♦ ŸEmployees:  27,000      ♦ ŸAnnual Revenue:  > $6B


This organization’s growing adoption of cloud applications required a solution to adequately protect access to sensitive data being accessed daily by more than 17,000 employees in 58 countries speaking 8 languages.

Cloud identity services eliminate the need for complex infrastructure and extensive development cycles but the complexities of a global application deployment and adoption remain.


Integral Partners was selected to facilitate global deployment of a leading IDaaS (Identity-as-a-Service) solution to provide the organizations’ users with multi-factor authentication (MFA) and single sign on (SSO) to critical cloud applications.

This organizations diverse workforce of office, manufacturing floor and mobile users required careful and considerate planning to ensure global adoption.

Integral Partners worked hand in hand to establish an agile steering committee that could direct and coordinate multi-language training materials and media.  The committee enlisted the support of the organization’s global leadership, sponsored a one month MFA adoption campaign to ensure success and adequately prepared the help desk for day one support.

Integral Partners developed an application onboarding process that allowed this organization to rapidly integrate and secure additional applications building upon the success of its global rollout.

Avery IDAAS Deployment Case Study



Key Benefits

  • 10-week global rollout
  • 95% adoption rate
  • Secured key cloud applications
  • Ongoing application onboarding process to maximize ROI


Materials Science and Manufacturing


Access Management and Enforcement, Deployment, Application Onboarding